Oil Change

Why changing your oil is so important:

Many factors contribute to a motor oil's demise, but it is essentially the accumulation of contaminants in the oil and chemical changes in the oil itself that make a motor oil unfit for further service. With time, it is inevitable that the oil will be contaminated by dirt or sludge, or succumb to the extreme pressures and temperatures found inside an engine.


- Heat leads to oil oxidation, deposits and thickening.

Dirt & Contaminants

Dust and dirt from the air enter the engine through faulty air cleaners, some oil fill caps and crankcase ventilation systems. Filtration removes most of these contaminants, but some remain and are left to circulate with the oil.

Combustion By-Products

Water and acids lead to sludge, rust and corrosion. Soot and carbon create sludge and varnish that can clog filters. When oil becomes contaminated, its viscosity changes. With soot, dirt, oxidation or sludge, viscosity increases; robbing your engine's performance.

The primary functions of motor oil:


– Reduce friction and wear


– Redistribute heat from hot area to cooler areas


– engine's combustion chamber

Keep Clean

– Hold contaminates in suspension

Which oil is right for your vehicle?

Different vehicles have different uses, so they have different needs. STS offers a unique line of motor oils that include: Quaker State® Peak Performance for engines in their prime, Higher Mileage Engine; for engines with over 75,000 miles, and Q Horsepower Full Synthetic for ultimate power and protection.

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