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02 Oct 2015,
Great service

23 Sep 2015,
BEST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Sep 2015,
Honest explanation of the problem.FaIr price for the work done

14 Sep 2015,
I was very happy with the service provided to me. John was very efficient and pre ordered what he thought needed to be replaced and I was over joyed to have my car fixed in the same day and on a Sunday even. We have one car and that was greatly appreciated. John also stayed a few minutes beyond 5 since my ride was a littele late. thank you for going above and beyond.

11 Sep 2015,
The shop wasn't all that busy - I was the only waiting customer. When my car was done I had to wait five to ten minutes while the crew was joking amongst themselves in the office before they got to ticket. Everything else was fine but some professional effort would have made a better impression.

11 Sep 2015,
Was just in for a tire rotation. Was quick and no hassle. The only reason I took off a star is because whoever drove my car left dirt and grease all over my steering wheel.

11 Sep 2015,
Thanks for the friendly service

10 Sep 2015,
I have been fgoing to STS (Fogelsville,PA) for many years. They have always been professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anybody. Thanks!

04 Sep 2015,
Very satisfied with the experience.

02 Sep 2015,
John and Mike are always great.

30 Aug 2015,

29 Aug 2015,
Love, love, love the guys that work here! So nice! They know me and my car so I don't feel like just another job. Keep up the great work!

29 Aug 2015,
The manager was very friendly and nice. I would recommend STS to my friends

27 Aug 2015,
I live in Bethlehem, pa. were their is a STS right around the corner but I travel as does my husband to the STS in Fogelsville to the person we trust for a long time Mike Anderson, very good ,friendly and honest person

24 Aug 2015,
Excellent service as always

23 Aug 2015,
Great service

20 Aug 2015,
The STS in Fogelsville, PA is one of the best auto repair places around. Very friendly, helpful staff -- always willing to go the extra mile. I have been bringing my car there for about 5 years since I started working in the area and have found them to provide good service with fair, honest pricing -- as a female, that's important.

17 Aug 2015,
Great service, I only wish that there was a sale on the tires I purchased

08 Aug 2015,
First of all Bob Edwards is retired. He was a great manager and he was always professional and pleasant with the customers, even when you could see the stress. I will miss him. With that said both John and Alex apparently learned from Bob as they too conduct themselves the same way. I have been a loyal customer of this service center for 23 years. I got to know the entire service team and they are great. The key to this loyalty is the fact that I trust them.

05 Aug 2015,
Great fast service

05 Aug 2015,
2nd attempt. I had my tires rotated at STS Foglesville on 04/02/2015 (work order 650713) and on 08/02/2015 (about 2,500 miles later) my front wheel started to make noise. It was Sunday so I drove it home slowly and the noise increased. The tire was not flat and it looked ok. I started to take it to STS on Monday 08/03/2015 but the noise increased so stopped at nearest garage. I was informed the lugs on the wheel were finger tight and log nut holes in wheel egg shaped caused by not being adequately tightened during last service. They recommended wheel replacement but since one was not available I had lugs tightened and took car home with damaged wheel. The last service was at STS where lugs were tightened during tire rotation.

23 Jul 2015,
Vey good service, got me in and out promptly. Thank you

17 Jul 2015,

12 Jul 2015,
Friendly service, fast work, good prices, wouldn't go anywhere else!

10 Jul 2015,
Very convenient

06 Jul 2015,
Great service

26 Jun 2015,
Great service

22 Jun 2015,
Car is running great!!! Thanks STS!

22 Jun 2015,
Family weekend to Hershey, PA. Got a flat tire on our way and the tire was irreparable. Two options were an unknown brand and a Toyo...not cheap. However, since I wasn't familiar with Blackline, I went with what I knew. I ended up spending twice as much, but I felt ok with it because of the quality tire I knew I was getting. We were on our way in about 35-40 minutes.

20 Jun 2015,

16 Jun 2015,
Always taken care of promptly.

12 Jun 2015,
Service was good

06 Jun 2015,
Have been going to this STS location for twenty years or so. They always are fair and honest and very helpful. Been there with the old manager and now a new manager and consistent customer service still! That you STS.

03 Jun 2015,
I recently had front brake pads installed on my Toyota tundra at STS The last time STS did the same brake pads was over 10 years ago I saved the original bill because the pads came with a lifetime guarantee which STS honored very pleased with that thanks STS

24 May 2015,
very good!

21 May 2015,
Appreciate opportunity to use competitor coupons

19 May 2015,
Excellent and reliable service as usual

13 May 2015,
A great place! We use this STS for all our car care needs

12 May 2015,
very professional employees. were not condescending.

09 May 2015,
Easy in, easy out. Quick and precise job. Includes some extras like fluid topping, tire pressure check, etc. And not much more than Jiffy-Lube. And the people are nicer.

09 May 2015,
I took my car in for a preventative check on my battery. Yet, it needed to be replaced and they shop did so quickly. They had very little business at the time, lucky me.

07 May 2015,
Person behind counter courteous Answered future pricing jobs.

07 May 2015,
Great service!

04 May 2015,
They always do a great job

04 May 2015,
Great service, fair price. knowledgeable staff.

24 Apr 2015,
Oil change. Got right in and done fast!!

18 Apr 2015,
Not super fast but it was fine.

15 Apr 2015,
Great customer service and my car is running great!!!

09 Apr 2015,
Great quick service!

06 Apr 2015,
I needed 4 tires because I was going on a trip to Harrisburg Saturday morning. Even though I showed up at the location 6 minutes prior to closing they stayed late and made sure I was taken care of. Great job - Thanks Guys.

02 Apr 2015,
Bob is solid and always works to honestly resolve any issues

27 Mar 2015,
Great service

24 Mar 2015,
Quick friendly service and work was done well

19 Mar 2015,
Nice job!

14 Mar 2015,
The service was professional: curteous, the explained and provided a status on a regular basis, and the car was returned clean.

12 Mar 2015,
We had a flat tire on way to LeighValley Hosp. and couldn't receive Toyota roadside asst for a few hours. Your center was near by and went in to seek help. They were very good in helping us in repairing the tire and courtious and honest in getting us satisfied. John's crew was great. I believe Alexis took care along with a worker. We commend your staff and your place of business. I will look for them in the future.We never thought we would find such good help. It was in Fogelsville. Regards to them. Rocco& Dolores Lettiere 255 Turkey Path Sugarloaf,Pa 18249

07 Mar 2015,
Employee Mike Anderson does a great job!!

26 Feb 2015,
The guys always take are of me and get me in and out quickly. Thanks!

23 Feb 2015,
Good service at good price

10 Feb 2015,

07 Feb 2015,
Another great service visit

05 Feb 2015,
Close, convenient, good customer service. Sometimes concerned looking for problems to fix

02 Feb 2015,
Excellent service

30 Jan 2015,
Only comment is that prices are a bit higher than Jiffy Lube where I used to go. But you use QS products which I insist on. JL changed to something else.

29 Jan 2015,
Great Service, always,reliable.

26 Jan 2015,
Service done well, quickly, and at reasonable price. Need to get your customer records in shape: you sent email to wrong Lewis member !

19 Jan 2015,
Tec is wonderfu neat and polite and very helpful, alway feel i can trust service with him because he talks to me about my problems and i know if i need something i really need it

18 Jan 2015,
nice work

15 Jan 2015,
I trust the mechanics at this store. They are always thorough and friendly. A couple of times I have come in with what I thought was a huge problem. They have looked over the car and told me that there really was no problem, the fluids were low or it needed tires, or something simple. They would fix what needed to be done, charge me a small amount, and send me on my way. That has made it much easier for me to trust them when they tell me I do need major work done.

23 Dec 2014,
Great place.great service

19 Dec 2014,
Awesome service as always. Thank you to Mark!

18 Dec 2014,
fast service. very knowledgeable

16 Dec 2014,
The best STS experience that I've ever had. Thanks to John and Mark!

06 Dec 2014,
Great Service!

01 Dec 2014,
Great sunday service

01 Dec 2014,
Stopped in 11/29 early morning on our way to New York City via Ohio, Had fluid levels checked (Low on oil and coolant), employee topped off both right away (No Wait) at no charge!! Can't thank you enough for your help!!

24 Nov 2014,
Great Service!! Helped me get the tires I was looking for.

23 Nov 2014,
Just recently I visited STS tire for the second time. The service is excellent, the work done without problems.

21 Nov 2014,
I took my car in for an oil change. I got right in. Service was fast and excellent as usual.

16 Nov 2014,

14 Nov 2014,
Very friendly worker named mike, always takes care of my car for me and never had any problems!

12 Nov 2014,
Awesome!!! I love these guys!!!

10 Nov 2014,
Good job

26 Oct 2014,
Quick and easy inspection. Didn't need an appointment. .

22 Oct 2014,
I went to have my tires rotated & an oil change & they were really fast & very reasonable in price.

16 Oct 2014,
Bob always gives me the best price for all my families tire needs. He is the only one I go to for tires.

16 Oct 2014,
Always very accommodating and friendly.

08 Oct 2014,
O was impressed how fast it was on Monday 10/6 - normally it takes longer. could be a little less expensive though

02 Oct 2014,
Everyone was polite and helpful. Problem I came in with was taken care of quicker than expected, so also cost less than it might have.

28 Sep 2014,
Nice tires!

24 Sep 2014,
They are always so nice and take care of us right away.

24 Sep 2014,
Bob is a nice person always make my visit pleasurable.

20 Sep 2014,
I've been a customer for many years. I HOPE the new manager is as good as BOB!!!!

11 Sep 2014,
You have a wonderful service team at the Fogelsville facility very competent, but also very caring.

07 Sep 2014,
Always good service. Bob Edwards does a great job.

31 Aug 2014,
no comment

25 Aug 2014,
Always excellent service from Bob and his crew.

19 Aug 2014,
Great experience!


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