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23 Aug 2015,
Great service always

23 Aug 2015,
Always great service. For a commuter, it couldn't be easier- drop your car off in the morning and it's waiting for you after work. Jason the branch manager is extremely honest, easy to work with and very accommodative.

22 Aug 2015,
You should have some of the Quaker State mail-in requests printed up and hand it out with the oil change receipt rather than me having to find it on line from a machine with a printer.

21 Aug 2015,
always a pleasure

17 Aug 2015,
We love you guys!! Your honesty and great prices keep us coming back.

16 Aug 2015,
These guys are so nice. They're always helpful and don't try to rip me off.

13 Aug 2015,
Excellent Service

05 Aug 2015,
The service was perfect. Answered my questions over the phone before I brought the car in. Brought my car in the morning for an inspection and oil change. Robbie was very courteous and professional. He called me during the day to tell me that my car takes more oil than previous models. Picked up the car the next day. Smooth.

05 Aug 2015,
Good service and friendly staff.

04 Aug 2015,
Very professional as always, thank you for reliable service.

02 Aug 2015,
Prompt friendly service

30 Jul 2015,

27 Jul 2015,
Excellent service and quality work at reasonable prices as always.

26 Jul 2015,
Excellent service

25 Jul 2015,
Another positive exp

21 Jul 2015,
Excellent service.

20 Jul 2015,
I was pleased with the service from STS.

07 Jul 2015,
Quick service. Very Robbie was very helpful.

07 Jul 2015,
I have been bringing my car to STS Auto for several years now. The mechanics are top notch and the owners/managers,Jason and Robbie, are friendly and helpful.

06 Jul 2015,
I like how you are open Sunday's

05 Jul 2015,
All good, no complaints!

04 Jul 2015,
Courteous and fast service

18 Jun 2015,
Professional. A good experience.

16 Jun 2015,
I've always used the STS by my house but decided to go in this morning to the STS near my job. I mentioned to Robbie this was my new car and I needed an oil change. Instead of just hitting me with the oil change prices, he took his time and explained the difference between the different types of oils used at STS, the pro's and con's about each type of oil in regardless to mileage and etc., and gave his recommendation as to which would be best for my car AND my pocket. I've always heard horror stories from people whom have gone to auto shops and have been overcharged because they arent too knowledgeable in the auto field, but STS is no where near those types of shops. This store, as well as the STS in Huntington Station have an amazing customer service. The staff is always so helpful, honest, and reliable. Before I left the store, the gentleman who did my oil change reminded me to come back next month for my inspection. Robbie had already mentioned this to me, but it feels good to know they BOTH took notice of that and mentioned it to me. You guys ROCK! thank you so much for going above and beyond!

15 Jun 2015,
my compliments toRobbie. Polite and explained the service needed on my car.

14 Jun 2015,
Fast and easy. Robbie was very friendly.

14 Jun 2015,
Good service

03 Jun 2015,
car delivered when promised.

30 May 2015,
It was a very nice and professional service.

23 May 2015,
Service was performed totally and thoroughly. Above all,everyone was courteous both Mechanics and counterman(Jason) Thanks all!

23 May 2015,
Everyone is always helpful, friendly and wonderful to deal with , my entire family uses your store

17 May 2015,
100% satisfied.

05 May 2015,
Good service

29 Apr 2015,
Great and timely service, I'll be back for any other issues I have on my car.

28 Apr 2015,
No matter what happens to my car, you always take me when I call and you have no idea how much that means to me. Everyone working for you are so pleasant and helpful. I recommend you constantly to any of my friends. You 're just the greatest!

24 Apr 2015,
Jason was very helpful with the service to,

21 Apr 2015,
First class always!!!

19 Apr 2015,
JASON JJ is the MAN,THE MYTH, and the LEGEND. IMAGINE walk in during LUNCHTIME...the guy has half a taco in his hand...he puts it down,runs over to his tech LENNOX (one of NATURE'S NOBLEMEN,WHO POSSIBLY WAS HENRY FORD in his last life!), orders my brake pads, pulls a screw from a tire, repairs it,all before he takes his next bite! I ask you: YOU SEE A LION ABOUT TO POUNCE ON A GAZELLE, and you say MR. LION! COULD YOU HOLD ON A MINUTE SO I CAN TAKE SOME MORE PICTURES OF THE GAZELLE? ...what are the odds the lion would say OK, BUB...BUT HURRY UP! ???? ODDS WOULD BE 100% IF JASON JJ JEROME WAS THAT LION! I ASK ONLY ONE THING! WHEN THE MEDIA (AND STS CORPORATE) FIND OUT ABOUT THIS LOCATION, AND DO A MAJOR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN ON HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS, GET & KEEP CUSTOMERS...ALL BETWEEN BITES OF YOUR LUNCH that contact me to PLAY MYSELF in that commercial! FOR THE RECORD:I AM NOT RELATED TO JJ , but I am seriously considering renaming my firstborn after him! I will have to wait untilhe comes back fomr college,but I am drawing up the paperwork as soon as I finish typing this review! CAN'T WAIT TIL I NEED MORE BRAKES! I HAVE BEEN DRIVING WITH BOTH FEET ON THE PEDALS TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS! - Satisfied Customer # 1 million

18 Apr 2015,
Amazing. Opened ten minutes early...for a panicked woman who got a flat on the way to work. Very sweet and helpful.

11 Apr 2015,
Fast, friendly service

07 Apr 2015,
As always efficient and quick service. A place I can trust to get the job done right and treat me with customer appreciation.

02 Apr 2015,
The store allows overnight dropoff. Very convenient. It was serviced and ready to go in a few hours. Very customer friendly ... highly recommended.

31 Mar 2015,
good servvice

24 Mar 2015,
The car was not ready due to the fact that the person who did the inspection was also assigned to the front desk. He was very professional and did his best.

17 Mar 2015,
Went in for a new tire and the service was nice and quick.

17 Mar 2015,
I trust your knowledge and recommendations with any car issues arise.

13 Mar 2015,
Love this place! I've been going to the Hicksville location for a few years and have always had a positive experience. Always honest and pleasant.

10 Mar 2015,
I always get great service at very reasonable prices.

09 Mar 2015,

04 Mar 2015,
Robbie Jerone was extremely helpful & friendly. In my first review I mistankenly named him as Jason, but it was Robbie.

03 Mar 2015,
Jason Jerome was extremely helpful and friendly.

20 Feb 2015,
Very good experience , I was taken care of and people were very friendly .

19 Feb 2015,

19 Feb 2015,

16 Feb 2015,
If I am ever in need of auto service, I head directly to my friends at STS in Hicksville. They are always ready to help. I appreciate their straightforwardness and honest price quotes. Special mention for Jay and Robbie who is following in Jay's style. The men in the garage are great. I have no complaints. STS Hicksville is #1 for my auto repairs and tires.

06 Feb 2015,
I was very happ with there service !

04 Feb 2015,

28 Jan 2015,
You guys do a great job and are always honest and helpful, which is hard to find in the car repair industry.

26 Jan 2015,
I enjoy gping tp STS-Quality of work is exceptional.

21 Jan 2015,

11 Jan 2015,
Great service fair price and deliverd as promised!!

10 Jan 2015,
Great service! Thank you!

09 Jan 2015,
Great service

09 Jan 2015,
Prompt and courteous service at a fair price.

25 Dec 2014,
Great service, thanks guys

21 Dec 2014,

04 Dec 2014,
I have been using STS for many years. I love to professionalism and the fact that people give me straight answers. Jason, the manager told me it might take about 2 -2 1/2 hours to do an inspection and oil change. I got my car back in 75 minutes. Also, I had gone to my Cadillac dealer for a recall. When I was there they gave me an estimate of things that they said needed to be done that would cost about $800. I thought that was weird. I wanted to check with Jason and his staff first. As I suspected, Jason told me that none of the repairs were necessary. STS is the only -place I go for service on my car.

26 Nov 2014,
Great service. Jason is on top of things and is friendly to his customers.

22 Nov 2014,
I can't begin to thank you enough for working on my car immediately. I needed to get back to work and I appreciate how quickly you to were able to resolve my problem. You're one of the best STS branches and that is why I continue to travel to you from Farmingdale. It's just amazing how you help people. And I also want to add that Robby at the front desk is very polite and helpful as well.

21 Nov 2014,
Terrific !!

18 Nov 2014,

15 Nov 2014,
Excellent service.

14 Nov 2014,
very well served.Have been with S.T.S. FOR YEARS. two tires balanced and installed TOOK OUT TIRE PROTECTION PLAN.

11 Nov 2014,
Everything was excellent.

09 Nov 2014,
Great job

06 Nov 2014,
Very honest and friendly shop to deal with.

06 Nov 2014,
Quick and very nice. Pleasure brining my car there.

06 Nov 2014,
I always go to STS cause I know I will get the best in service. They always explain to me what the problem is and how to fix it. I would not go anywhere else.

03 Nov 2014,
Good job fast service

31 Oct 2014,
great customer service.

30 Oct 2014,
Respectful and honest staff.

28 Oct 2014,
very good service.

25 Oct 2014,
The service here is always great and the guys here are always friendly and professional. They do good work at a reasonable price and always take good care of me.

16 Oct 2014,
Honest and reliable

06 Oct 2014,
always treated great at your store.Jason is always very helpful.

05 Oct 2014,
Trustworthy and reliable.

03 Oct 2014,
The team squeezed in a late-day oil change for me. Professional. Personal staff.

03 Oct 2014,
This location is efficient and staff is always eager to help

23 Sep 2014,
Robbie is the reason I will return to the Hicksville shop. He was informative and patience

22 Sep 2014,
professional knowledgeable and prompt

20 Sep 2014,
Very good Auto Center. Professional and Meticulous. My job was done accurately and on time

14 Sep 2014,
I received Quick & Courteous of the guys noticed left over wax on the car and wiped it off...Very happy with this STS Tire Shop

02 Sep 2014,
Guys are always nice and don't seem to in the business of ripping me off. I like that.

25 Aug 2014,

24 Aug 2014,
Excellent service from jason and crew! Many thanks!

21 Aug 2014,
efficient, and courteous are words that come to mind right off.


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